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This Division is engaged in research on manufacturing aspects of tea. Key research areas are development and improvement of tea machinery, development of technology to reduce energy consumption in manufacturing and development of technologies to enhance made-tea quality and made-tea keeping quality.

In addition, it provides advisory services to stakeholders related to tea processing such as on- call factory visits to rectify problems associated with tea processing, calibration of necessary equipment for system certification such as HACCP, ISO 22000, laboratory analyses to determine ISO related specific constituents in made tea, and moisture determination of made tea, green leaf and withered leaf samples.


Key Research Areas

  • Development of TRI – CCC collaborative fluid bed dryer
  • Fabrication of a test–rig to evaluate the performance of withering trough fans as per ISO standards
  • Development of a mathematical model to predict/ calculate the real time moisture content of tea leaves in trough withering
  • Development of self-cleaning mechanism for grading orthodox leafy teas in a reciprocating type sifter.
  • Development of monitoring and control system for fluidized bed drying of tea.
  • Development of automatic Control System for existing humidifiers.
  • Development of control system for trough withering.
  • Development of Self-cleaning Sifter with multiple mesh frames of grading long leafy and wiry type teas.
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