St. Joachim

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St Joachim Estate is located in Ratnapura, and has a total cultivated extent of about 100 ha of tea of which about 7 ha is intercropped with tea and rubber. This estate has a large factory, constructed in 1965, and has the capacity to handle about one million kg of made tea annually. Nearly 90% of the tea processed in this factory is from bought leaf, largely from smallholders.

Major Achievements

  • Obtained the ISO 22000: 2005 quality certificate
  • Signed and MOU with Ruwanpura Gemidiriya Foundation to obtain green leaf from its members to fulfill the daily demand of the factory


Cultivars Available
TRI 4006 TRI 3014 TRI 4069
TRI 4053 TRI 4024 TRI 4047
TRI 3051 TRI 4055 TRI 3025
TRI 4049 TRI 4046 TRI 4024
TRI 4054 TRI 3025 TRI 4060
TRI 4042 TRI 4024 TRI 4024
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