Agriculture Economics

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The key role of Agricultural Economics Division are economic evaluations of TRI recommendations; prioritization of all institutional research; resource planning in cultivation and production of tea, socio-economics issues, policy issues and marketing issues in tea sector.

Key Research Areas

  • Identifying appropriate measures to overcome worker shortage in small holdings
  • Identification of Typology and Trajectories of Tea based peasant farming systems by
  • modeling LU & LC Dynamic Changes in tea growing areas
  • Investigation on impact of crop diversification in tea sector
  • Evaluating research recommendations& micro-analyses for tea sector
  • Investigation on impact of product diversification towards exporter & industry performance
  • Investigating the social and economic impacts of alternative worker deployment models in large
  • scale tea plantations in Sri Lanka

Major Achievements

  • Prioritized research using Composite Approach for Decision Making in Agricultural Research (CADMAR) methodology
  • Procedure for economic analysis was set out
  • Developed Soil conservation Index (SCI)
  • Studied potential for tea based tourism in tea plantations
  • Developed a procedure for land use planning & management of tea plantations by using Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Investigated labour availability, labour planning & labour use in tea plantations
  • Developed a methodology to estimate value of tea bushes in different stages
  • Manual on cost of tea cultivation
  • Economic/business models – replanting & infilling
  • Studied Inter-regional productivity variations among tea smallholders
  • Studied Socio-Economic impact of climate change in tea plantations
  • Conducted a survey to identify severity of worker scarcity in large tea plantations
  • Investigated on worker absenteeism and turnover in tea plantations
  • Investigated livelihood security and determinants of poverty of estate workers
  • Investigated on alternative worker deployment models
  • Assessment of financial feasibility of diversifying to CTC tea production in Sri Lanka
  • Studied the market for value added tea products of  Sri Lanka, liberal tea import policy on value added tea exporters & different producer groups of Sri Lanka
  • Prepared tea sector policy for inclusion in the plantation policy
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