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Since the inception of the Tea Research Institute of Ceylon in 1925, scientific publications of the institution have been carried out to serve tea value chain. The first printed scientific journal of the intuition named as “Tea Quarterly” was the first publication was published in 1928.

Throughout the history of the institute, science communication played a major role in disseminating the knowledge, innovations and tea technology to Sri Lankan tea industry stakeholders over printed and digital forms.  Publications unit has been functioned as one of the subunits of Library initially during the 1960s and then in the 1980s it has been recognized as one of the service units which serves the needs of the research divisions and that of the Advisory and Extension services. Today the unit functioned and recognized as a prime vehicle for information and knowledge dissemination arm of TRISL to tea industry stakeholders, several educational, professional government and international institutions, etc.

Publications/ Publicity Unit work together with Photography Unit, Audio-Visual Unit, ICT Unit and Library and all research divisions to compile several types of publications, audiovisual materials, mass media productions and other related technology transfer materials whilst organizing and updating the mass media platforms of the institute with the latest information.

As supportive service units of the institute, the unit produces several printed materials in support of extension and communication activities of TRI head office and Regional research, advisory and extension centers. Further, the unit has equipped with in-house printing equipment and materials for the development of mass communication materials, and expedite publishing of annual publications, TRISL recommendations and guidelines in time.

The unit is responsible for

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