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St. Coombs Estate, located in Talawakelle, was acquired in 1928 to establish the Tea Research Institute and this has facilitated the TRI to undertake research work mainly on field experimentation as well as establishment of demonstration sites for grower education.  Even with such use of the estate, it continues to perform as a viable commercial unit. Presently, the St. Coombs tea has achieved a leading mark, and ranks high among the best quality Sri Lankan tea. It covers a tea extent of 287.16 ha, and also has an outlying division, Lamiliere, with 175.10 ha of tea, with a total tea extent of 462.26 ha.

Major Achievements

  • St. Coombs tea was ranked in the 3rd place on its net sales average (NSA) among Western High Grown Category for the year 2010.
  • It also achieved the 7th Top price (NSA) for Dust No. 1 Grade
  • ‘St. Coombs White Tea’, which is the newest product of TRI, was sold at Rs. 12,000.00 per kg


Tea Sales Centre

High quality St. Coombs tea is available at the St. Coombs Tea Centre

Grade Price (SL Rs. per 1 kg)
Dust No. 1
Dust No. 2

Supply of improved TRI tea cultivars to growers

TRI recommended 3000 and 4000 series tea cultivars are available at the estate

Cultivars available
TRI 3013 TRI 3072 TRI 4055
TRI 3015 TRI 3073 TRI 4071
TRI 3018 TRI 4006 TRI 4078
TRI 3019 TRI 4046 TRI 4079
TRI 3020 TRI 4052 TRI 2043
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