Climate Change

Report on climate changevulnerability and adaptation strategies for
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Tea Research outshines at the Sixth Symposium on Plantation Crop Research

The sixth Symposium on Plantation Crop Research was successfully held at the BMICH during November 3-4, 2016. The theme of the symposium was “Plantation Agriculture t...

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Report on climate change vulnerability and adaptation strategies for tea plantations released

A comprehensive report on the impacts of climate change, vulnerability and adaptation strategies for the tea sector in Sri Lanka .....

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Low Country Regional Centre & St. Joachim Tea Factory Celebrated 50 years of Services

The TRI Low country Regional Centre and St. Joachim factory celebrated their Golden Jubilee in 2014. Commemorating the Golden Jubilee, a series of events viz. an “Open Day” for stakeholders, felicitation of retired officers with long years of service and religious ...

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National project launched for popularizing the use of machines in tea smallholdings sector

Launching the national project for popularizing the use of machineries in tea smallholdings, the Minister of Plantation Industries, Hon. Mahinda Samarasinghe handed over 21 million Rupees worth of machines and equipment to 50 societies of tea smallholders and 25 bought leaf t...

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Corporate Plan 2013-17

The third revision of the Corporate Plan of the TRISL is now prepared. It embodies the vision of the management, a commitment of its senior managers by way of its mission and of all those involved in making realistic goals and objectives....

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High quality St. Coombs tea

It is time to order the best tea you have ever tasted.
High grown factory fresh unblended St. Coombs tea is available at the St. Coombs Tea Centre....

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TRI Recommendations

Circular No.TitleIssued In
LU 01Guidelines on Land Suitability Classification for TeaOctober 2002
LU 02Field Categorization in Tea LandsSeptember 2003
PN 01The Suitability of Tea Clones for the Different RegionsDecember 2002
PN 02Tea Nursery ManagementNovember 2009
SP 01Fertilizer  Recommendations for Nursery TeaJuly 2000
SP 02Fertilizer  Recommendations for Immature TeaJuly 2000
SP 03Fertilizer  Recommendations for Mature TeaJuly 2000
SP 04Fertilizer  Recommendations for Clonal Mother BushesJuly 2000
SP 05Fertilizer  Recommendations for Tea Seed BearersJuly 2000
SP 06Fertilizer Recommendations for Rehabilitation Grasses (Mana & Guatemala)July 2000
SP 07Soil AnalysisMay 2009
SP 08Analysis of Fertilizer SamplesMay 2009
SP 09Sampling for Foliar Analysis of TeaMay 2009
PA 01Bringing Young Tea Into BearingFebruary 2001
PA 02Drought Mitigation in Tea PlantationsJanuary 2011
PA 03Infilling Vacancies in Tea FieldsSeptember 2003
SI 01Green Manure Crops in TeaSeptember 2001
SI 02Shade in TeaMarch 2003
SI 03Wind and Shelter Belts in TeaMarch 2003
HP 01Pruning of Tea (2.31MB)June 2013
HP 02Guidelines on PluckingMarch 2003
HP 03Cultivation of Tea Soils – ForkingSeptember 2003
HP 04Rejuvenation Pruning (1.63MB)June 2013
WM 01Integrated  Weed Management in TeaJuly 2003
WM 02Herbicide and Their use in TeaSeptember 2003
WM 03Safe and  Effective use  of HerbicidesJuly 2003
PM 01Sampling for Shot – Hole Borer AssessmentFebruary 2003
PM 02Management of Shot – Hole BorerFebruary 2003
PM 03Live-Wood Termites of Low Grown Tea and Their ManagementJune 2003
PM 04Control of Nematodes (Eel Worms) in Young TeaNovember 2002
PM 05Sampling for Nematode AnalysisJuly 2003
PM 06Mite ControlJune 2008
PM 07White Grubs on Tea Lands and Their ControlNovember 2002
PM 08Contamination of Nursery Plants with Nematodes through Irrigation WaterJuly 2003
PM 09Live-Wood Termites of High Grown Tea and Their ManagementJune 2008
PM 10Management of Tea Tortrix (Homona coffearia Neitner)June 2009
PM 11Fumigation of Nursery Soils for Nematode EradicationNovember 2009
DM 01Protection of Tea from Blister BlightOctober 2002
DM 02Protection of Tea from Red Root DiseaseOctober 2002
DM 03Protection of Tea from Black Blight Disease in the Low CountryAugust 2003
DM 04Protection of Tea from Red Rust Disease in the Low CountryAugust 2003
DM 05Protection of Tea from Stem and Branch Canker Disease in the Low CountrySeptember 2003
DM 06Protection of Tea from Collar and Brach Canker Disease in the Up CountrySeptember 2003
PT 01Trough – Withering of TeaSeptember 2003
PT 03Manufacture of Tea by the CTC ProcessSeptember 2003
PT 05Calibration of Infra – Red  Moisture MeterSeptember 2003
PT 06Moisture Levels of Black TeaMarch 2004
PU 01Pesticide use in Tea Fields (1.15MB)June 2012
PU 02Chemical Control of Diseases (1.67MB)December 2011
PU 03Chemical Control of Weeds in Tea Lands (2.58MB)July 2012
PU 04Chemical Control of Insect, Mite and Nematode Pests (1.69MB)July 2012


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