More >>

Signing of MOU with Michigan State University

A ceremonial signing of MOU for Academic & Research Co-operation between TRISL and Michigan State University was held ...

More >>

“Bakmaha Divruma” - National Pledge to Eradicate Drug Menace

The staff of the TRISL also has pledged the “Bakmaha Divruma”...

More >>

Dr Ram Kumar Sharmas' lecture

Dr Ram Kumar Sharma, Principal Scientist of CSIR Institute...

More >>

Japanese Delegation to TRISL

Japanese Delegation to TRISL for a verification survey on disseminating Japanese Technology of “Tea Ingredients Analyzer".
More >>

237th E & E Forum - Corporate Sector (English)

The meeting was successfully held on 01st February 2019 at the TRISL Auditorium, Talawakelle....

More >>

Notice to All Tea Growers

Detection of MCPA Residue in Sri Lankan Tea...

More >>

Inaugural Ceremony – 99.8 Mn Project

Construction, renovation and upgrading of the laboratory complex and infrastructure facilities of the Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka is facilitated with 99.8 Million Rupees by the Government....

More >>

TRI 5000 series tea cultivars

TRI 5000 series - More >>

236th E & E Forum - Corporate Sector (English)

The meeting was successfully held on 03rd August 2018 at the TRISL Auditorium, Talawakelle....

More >>

Visit of Russian Delegation

At Entomology Lab, TRISL
A four member delegation from


More >>

TRI Scientists receive first place in National Awards for Excellence in Agricultural Research 2017


More >>

Four TRI 5000 series tea cultivars officially released


More >>

TRI Participates at the CRT Trade Fair & Exhibition

The CRT exhibition was held at the BMICH during August 11-13, 2017...

More >>

FAO-IGG Inter-sessional Meeting

The FAO-IGG inter-sessional meeting was held during August 12-13, 2017 at the Cinnamon Grand Colombo Hotel with the participation of a large number of foreign delegates representing tea growing and consuming countries.

More >>

Celebrate 150 years of Ceylon Tea – Tea Party

World’s ever longest Tea Party organized by Sri Lanka held on 06 July 2017. While many countries from east to west across the world celebrated at 5.00 pm Sri Lanka time in every time zone and the local event was at Galle Face Hotel, Colombo. This celebration was organized b...

More >>

TRI participates in the national exhibition at the BMICH

The Tea Research Institute participated in the national exhibition........

More >>

Visit of His Excellency President Maithripala Sirisena

His Excellency President Maithripala

More >>

Year 2017: the year of adoption of integrated measures ..........


More >>

First working day celebration of year 2017


More >>

High quality St. Coombs tea

It is time to order the best tea you have ever tasted.
High grown factory fresh unblended St. Coombs tea is available at the St. Coombs Tea Centre....

More >>

St Coombs achieved all time record price

St Coombs achieved all time record price...........

More >>

Climate Change

Report on climate changevulnerability and adaptation strategies for
More >>

Tea Research outshines at the Sixth Symposium on Plantation Crop Research

The sixth Symposium on Plantation Crop Research was successfully held at the BMICH during November 3-4, 2016. The theme of the symposium was “Plantation Agriculture t...

More >>

Report on climate change vulnerability and adaptation strategies for tea plantations released

A comprehensive report on the impacts of climate change, vulnerability and adaptation strategies for the tea sector in Sri Lanka .....

More >>

Low Country Regional Centre & St. Joachim Tea Factory Celebrated 50 years of Services

The TRI Low country Regional Centre and St. Joachim factory celebrated their Golden Jubilee in 2014. Commemorating the Golden Jubilee, a series of events viz. an “Open Day” for stakeholders, felicitation of retired officers with long years of service and religious ...

More >>

National project launched for popularizing the use of machines in tea smallholdings sector

Launching the national project for popularizing the use of machineries in tea smallholdings, the Minister of Plantation Industries, Hon. Mahinda Samarasinghe handed over 21 million Rupees worth of machines and equipment to 50 societies of tea smallholders and 25 bought leaf t...

More >>

Corporate Plan 2013-17

The third revision of the Corporate Plan of the TRISL is now prepared. It embodies the vision of the management, a commitment of its senior managers by way of its mission and of all those involved in making realistic goals and objectives....

More >>


Publications and Videos

Price List
for Local Customers (Download)

  • Hand Book on Tea - 1st Edition (Reprint 2015)

  • Sri Lanka Journal of Tea Science  (ISSN1010-4208)

The Journal reports experimental results which is an internationally recognized refereed, scientific journal. Publish twice a year; in March and September.


  • Tea Bulletin (ISSN 1012-3962)

This is a scientific magazine and is used for disseminating scientific information in the form of popular articles. This is published in June and December.


  • TRI Update (ISSN 1391-6793)

Publication commenced in 1996. This is the English medium newsletter of the institute which carries Information on recent research developments, and short messages on current topics in simple and easily understandable form.


  • තේ තතු(ISSN 1391-6785)

This is a newsletter published in Sinhala on a biannual basis. It carries articles of topical interest and considers the tea smallholder is the principal target group.

  • Annual Report (ISSN 1012-3964)

This gives a brief description of work undertaken by each Division with results from all experiments in progress during that year. Annual Management activities of the TRI are also reported therein.

  • Field Guide Book

  • Twentieth Century Tea Research in Sri Lanka

  • Advisory Circulars

These give practical advice/recommendations on specific subjects outlining how a particular aspect of tea cultivation or manufacture should be carried out. It also serves as a reference materials for plantation managers.

  • Guidelines

These are issued free of charge as interim publications preceding  the issue of Advisory Circulars. Once conclusive information become available, Advisory Circulars are prepared based on these guidelines.

Monographs on Tea Production In Sri Lanka

  • Monograph No 1 – T Eden (1949)

The work of the Agricultural Chemistry Department of the Institute

  • Monograph No 2 – C H Gadd (1949)

The commoner Diseases of Tea (94 pp)

  • Monograph No 3 – J Lamb (1954)

Organization of Tea Research Work in Ceylon with Special Reference to Sub-stations and immediate Expansion (22 pp)

  • Monograph No 4 – E L Keegel (1958)

Tea Manufacture in Sri Lanka

  • Monograph No 5 – E L Keegel (1963)

A One-day course in Tea Manufacture Conducted by the Technology Division of the Tea Research Institute of Ceylon (90 pp)

  • Monograph No 6 – J E Carnham (1967)

Insect and Mite Pests of Tea in Ceylon and their Control (122 pp)

  • Monograph No 7 – R L Wickremasinghe (1978)

Facets of Tea Research in Practice (65 pp)

  • Shoot Growth and Harvesting of Tea – M A Wijeratne (2001)

(ISBN 955-9023-02-0) (45 pp)

  • Tea and Health – W W D Modder and A M T Amarakoon (2002)

(ISBN 955-9023-03-9) (180pp)

  • සුව රැකුමට තේ - A M T Amarakoon


  • Tea for Health - A M T Amarakoon

(ISBN 955-9023-07-1) (38 pp)


  • Cost of Tea Cultivation - J A M Jayakody and H W Shyamalie


  • Weeds of Tea Lands in Sri Lanka - M S D L De Silva, J C K Rajasinghe and K J G P Mahindapala

(ISBN 955-9023-05-5) (78 pp)

  • Integrated Soil Fertility Management Strategies for Tea Stakeholders -


  • Soil Conservation in Tea Lands -

  • තේ වගාවට සරැ පසක් -

Posters (P)/ Wall Charts (W)

  • Soil Productivity (Tamil) - P
  • Soil Conservation with Vetiver Grass (English/Sinhala/Tamil) - P
  • Major Pests in Tea in Sri Lanka (English) - W
  • Management of Tea Nursery Plants (Sinhala) - P
  • Main Diseases in Tea Cultivation (English) - P


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