Free Distribution of Wheat flour among Estate Labourer Families

Last updated on August 12th, 2020 at 12:51 pm

Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka of the Ministry of Plantations Industries and Export Agriculture obtained three metric tonnes of wheat flour free of charge thru kind courtesy of Lanka Sathosa of the Ministry of Internal Trade, Food Security and Consumer Welfare for distribution free of charge, as a relief dry ration package, to labourer families residing in the two estates at Talawakelle & Karapincha, Ratnapura.

This has been initiated by the Ministry of Internal Trade, Food Security and Consumer Welfare & Lanka Sathosa thru kind courtesy of Wheat Flour suppliers, as a relief measure to tide over food shortages that may occur among low income estate workers who have lost their daily earnings, due to stoppage of routine work in the estate sector due to Covid 19 outbreak.

This timely kind gesture by Lanka Sathosa, immediately after Sinhala & Tamil new year was a great relief to the low-income families of St. Coombs estate, Talawakelle and St. Joachim estate, Ratnapura as both the areas were also affected by the recent drought which also curtailed their daily earnings.

The 3 kg packs of wheat flour for each family were given, among 632 families at St. Coombs estate, Talawakelle and 264 families at St. Joachim estate, Ratnapura and the balance quantity is to be distributed among low income families in the tea gardens at TRI regional centres at Kandy, Passara, Kottawa and Deniyaya. The smiling faces of the families who received the relief packages were in gratitude to all those who extended this courtesy to them in the hour of their need for as the old saying goes friend in need is friend indeed!.

St. Joachim Estate, Ratnapura

St. Coombs Estate, Talawakelle

The Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka too joins them in expressing its gratitude to CEO Lanka Sathosa Mr. Dushmantha Totawatta, who initiated and coordinated this kind gesture to a successful completion, which benefitted low income families of Estate sector in their hour of need whilst being neck deep in his busy schedule of supplying essential foods to all, during the new year season.

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